From B as in bodybuilding to B as in Brown Fat

    One day a bodybuilder rang our offices, looking for an industrial partner for his university thesis. He told me about a book by Tim Ferriss, stating that cooling can burn fat. As the bodybuilder found us on the internet and knew we had expertise in personal cooling, he asked us if we could support him. He explained that bodybuilders can't afford too much fat around the muscles and would do anything in their power to have 'fat free' muscle...



    We bought the book, partly out of our own interest- we as women sometimes have to fight against adipose cells! In the book: 'The 4 hour body', some chapters were indeed dedicated to fat reduction through cooling. Our initial thoughts were 'this is complete madness', but the scientific explanations were rather promising.
    The effects of 12kg weight loss in 6 weeks were also impressive, as were the methods. The author was bathing in ice-cubes or just put an ice-cube bag on his neck. While that was too cold for us, the explanation of why it works made scientific sense.
    When cooled, the body expends more energy than usual to keep warm due to being exposed to the cold. This energy has to be drawn from somewhere and Fat is the body’s primary energy supplier. If we are exposed to cold, white fat is catabolised (note: the author at that stage didn't know that brown fat exists! This awareness was only included in the next edition of the book).


    Too cold or too expensive

    After a while we read the first accounts in women's magazines about Hollywood stars like Demi Moore in the USA where they have 'cooling clinics' like the Cryohealthcare Clinic in Los Angeles. You go inside a Cryotherapy chamber with a temperature of minus (!) 150°C to improve your body shape. 
    Although such cold chambers exist in Europe as well, they are mainly either for elite sportspersons or specialist medical institutions. A cooling chamber costs around 300,000 EUR, which is too expensive for home use.
    Since the ice bath was too cold for us, we came up with the idea of developing cool clothes that are not freezing cold but still produce the desired effect.


    Heroic self-experiments

    First, development work had to be done. This was not easy, because our clothes work quite differently and also the body handles cold differently when applied in different forms. However, we were not discouraged- and the thought of helping ourselves first was tremendously motivating! 
    We then put the first prototypes on our bellies for 30 minutes as this was our problem area, sat down at the office desk again and continued working. Over a 2 week period, we measured and recorded the belly circumference and skin texture we observed on each other. 
    After 3-4 applications we already started noticing that the waist circumference was between 1-2 cm smaller and the "lunar landscape" of the skin on the abdomen, as Ulrike called it, had less "craters". We had to laugh- this was unbelievable. We were on the right track. 
    From that moment we were convinced. It worked. Then of course we immediately started working to perfect the system! It took some time, but led to our understanding of how we were getting better and better results with our development.


    Cool shirt Vs love handles

    We also discovered studies in the US that looked at "brown fat" - confirming that refrigeration has been scientifically proven to decrease weight. The scientists also found that the areas of brown fat were mainly between the shoulder blades and the neck. Further examinations also showed sites on the side of the upper spine and on the sternum.

    In most studies, however, the temperature was still "icy", and the subjects were reported to be "shivering" or to spend hours in cold rooms, which still made us feel uncomfortable.

    Immediately it became clear: we had to do it differently. We were only satisfied when we were able to show that it works with our method. With the SlimCOOL T-shirt and the SlimCOOL neckerchief we were able to cool not only the areas with brown fat, but also the entire body.

    Infrared test findings. Our investigations with a thermal imaging camera showed that we could reach temperatures of 26-28 ° C if we do not move around too much. Then we found further studies in which scientists from the USA also achieved good results with similar temperatures, which confirmed our earlier findings.


    The initial "belly results" remained in our thoughts

    However, we still had the results of our "abdominal study" from the office in mind; there had to be another cooling mechanism associated with the "brown fat area". Again, we discovered the answer quickly. There were machines that cool specific zones of the body. In this case, the belly fat is stretched between 2 plates and the plates are cooled by the machine.

    By cooling, the fat cells are destroyed, which are then gradually degraded by the body. That process, along with the grease that was squeezed between the cool plates was too aggressive for us- and besides, bruises were common and you had to have several appointments, which were not cheap. For working mothers with a tight time budget, this was more of a hindrance than a help.

    Thus, it became clear: with SlimCOOL we needed to target both central "brown fat" areas, as well as specific areas, such as the fat pads on the stomach. And this method is much easier, more enjoyable and effective. Cheaper too! 

    Since most of us have love handles on our stomachs, we really wanted to develop a simple and effective stomach product. The towel from the first attempts was too unwieldy and it bulged noticeably on one of our colleagues. The new product needed to cover the abdominal area completely, including the sides and the back. However, it was also important for us to consider health factors- the kidneys should not be cooled; and comfort- nobody wants to freeze or get wet.

    Of course, we also knew that many women have problems with the butt and thighs. We soon found a solution: Our SlimCOOL chaps and boots. The positive side effect of chaps? The test subjects were of the opinion that their cellulite was also significantly better! Wow! After we had researched that the "orange peel" effect also had something to do with small fat deposits under the skin, that made sense.

    A colleague was also dissatisfied with her upper arms. Corresponding arm coolers for the "bingo wings" had to be developed and made to fit. This was how we developed the product concept for the whole body.




    SLIMCOOL LOGO 01 Kopie


    Since we did not want to hire glam models that already have good physiques, we thought of ordinary women like us. We looked at each other and found that we already represented different looks, which was important. Ulrike, tall and black-haired, Sabine with short brown hair and Gabi with long red hair and blond highlights. We found the missing "real" blonde quickly and a friend of ours spontaneously suggested their "wedding photographer" hence Ulli Schlieper was called, a picture concept developed and off we went with the photo shoot.The result was stunning. We are still very impressed by our "cool" photos, especially of the SlimCOOL products.


    Yours sincerely

    Gabriele Renner und Sabine Stein