COOLING EXPERTS Fascinated by brown fat


Many happy users ask us again and again how we came up with the idea of SlimCOOL. On the one hand, we have of course been “professionally” concerned with all studies and research on the subject of cooling for a long time, since we also offer cooling against heat problems. However, as a pharmacist and sports scientist, the topic of BAT or “brown fat” fascinated us from the very first moment.

In addition, as a woman, you are of course always interested in all topics relating to figure, beauty & Co.



Heroic self-experiments

However, there was quite a bit of development work to be done before we got to that point. But we were not discouraged. The idea of helping ourselves first was enormously motivating.

We therefore also tested all of our product developments and scientific results that we generated on ourselves first. For example, we simply put the first prototypes on our stomachs for 30 minutes – since that was our primary problem area – and just kept working. We did this for 2 weeks and indeed: after just 3-4 applications, we noticed that the abdominal circumference was 1-2 cm smaller and the “moonscape” of the skin on the abdomen, as Ulrike called it, had fewer “craters”.

Slimcool Abnehmen mit Kaelte - der 4 Wochenplan



But we were not satisfied until we had shown: We can prove it. With the SlimCOOL T-shirt and the SLIMCOOL scarf, we were able to cool not only the areas with brown fat, but also the entire body sufficiently. We collaborated with doctors, diabetologists, biochemists and scientists at universities. BAT expert Professor Michael Symonds in Nottingham, for example, was able to clearly prove BAT activity on the upper body with our product.



From the beginning, however, we also had the results of our “gut study” from the office in mind. So more had to go. Here, too, we wanted to target all problem areas as specifically as possible. That’s why we also developed cooling products for the abdomen, legs and buttocks, as well as for the calves and upper arms. Of course, we subjected the abdominal-legs-buttocks products in particular to a practical study. After all, this is the main issue for most people. 4 times a week for one hour, our test subjects cooled the abdomen, legs and buttocks: the measurements under the supervision of Dr. Kunzi-Rapp were clearly positive in the result with an average of 2-4 cm circumference loss.


The ultimate belly-legs-po programm

Which model do we take?

With that, we had the whole concept. Since we didn’t want to hire glossy models who already had top figures anyway, we thought of women like you and us. That’s why we had ourselves and an enthusiastic friend photographed for our campaign.

The result was stunning. We are still quite impressed with our “cool” photos.

But especially about the SlimCOOL products. Just try them out!